RuCTFE 2011


RuCTFE 2011 is over. The ultimate winner is 0ldEur0pe from RWTH Aachen, Germany!

Money prizes were generously offered by SKB Kontur.

1st place0ldEur0pe$1024
2nd placeFluxFingers$512
3rd placeSiBears$256

Check out the final scoreboard for more information.

See documentation and advisories for RuCTFE 2011 vulns descriptions.


RuCTFE is a remote challenge in information security driven by these rules.

Registration is closed. 99 teams from all over the world are registered.

RuCTFE 2011 will be held on November 19th. Duration of the game is 9 hours.

VulnBox Image

RuCTFE 2011 VulnImage
md5: d31428b2b93a14388b0b16d5dd24bf6d
gpg key: zTiM42tP7sdqSpGp5oBr4c56ecNgWK

System requirements:

You will need VirtualBox (version 4.1). We have tested game image on next hosts OS: Debian (amd64), Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows 7 (x86).

The minimum system requirements for vuln image host are: Core 2 Duo E4500 @2.2GHz and 2GB of RAM (under the assumption that you will give at least 1GB to VM).

The image don't require VT-x/AMD-v and 64-bit host OS. But if you want to get maximum enjoyment from the game, use the most productive computers that are available to you.

If you don't have hardware virtualization you need change some virtual disk settings for best performance: open Virtual Media Manager in VirtualBox (File->Virtual Media Manager or press Ctrl+D), click rigth button on ructfe2011 disk and choose Modify and then choose Writethrough attribute.

If you have hardware virtualization, make sure that Enable VT-x/AMD-v checked in Acceleration tab in System settings

Also you need have about 20GB free space on hard disk.


UTC Event
September 5th RuCTFE 2011 is officially announced
October 17th Registration is open
15:00 UTC, November 18th Teams should have VPN configured and running
15:00 UTC, November 19th Start of the challenge
16:00 UTC, November 19th Checksystem is up
00:00 UTC, November 20th End of the challenge


RuCTFE 2011 Network
(click to zoom)

Network setup for RuCTFE 2011 — step-by-step instructions.

Testbox image (gpg passphrase: RuCTFE2011_Testimage) —
run it, change root password and set ip/mask/gateway.


RuCTFE 2011 Debriefing from

RuCTFE devteam videos


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