RuCTFE 2010


RuCTFE 2010 is over. The ultimate winner is 0ldEur0pe from RWTH Aachen, Germany!

The winning team gets a $900 money prize, generously offered by Ideco.

See the final scoreboard for more details.


RuCTFE is a remote challenge in information security driven by these rules.

Teams from universities of all countries are welcome to participate.

RuCTFE 2010 was held on December 18th. It lasted for 12 hours.

VulnBox Image

RuCTFE 2010 VulnImage (md5: 0613412b248f979f467273ca22c9fb6a).
Vuln image decryption key: Lhq2rVwzFDHdaaDp .
Image was created and tested in VirtualBox 3.2.


UTC Event
November 18th RuCTFE is officially announced
November 22th Registration is open
December 5th VPN server is up
16:00 UTC, December 17th Teams should have VPN configured and running
16:00 UTC, December 18th Start of the challenge
17:30 UTC, December 18th Checksystem is up
04:00 UTC, December 19th End of the challenge


RuCTFE 2009 Network
(click to zoom)

Network setup for RuCTFE 2010 — step-by-step instructions.

Testbox image (password: RuCTFE2010_TestImage) —
run it, change root password and set ip/mask/gateway.

Network status — updates every 5 minutes.