RuCTF Quals Rules

We are excited to see new participants in our events, so this year we decided to let foreign teams into the qualification round of RuCTF. Sadly your results won't be taken into account, but it is still a great opportunity for you to try your skills and keep your team in shape for upcoming international events. Also it is a rare chance to dive into exotic foreign CTF.

These rules can change at any moment before the challenge starts. Be sure to check with this page once again. Just in case :)

The qualification round of annual national Russian high-school challenge RuCTF is held online. Only registered teams are allowed to participate in the qualification round. Any team consisting of no more than 10 people can register. Team members can not be changed after game start.

The qualification round is a jeopardy-CTF, where teams are presented with task grouped in thematic categories. Team gains points by solving tasks, points amount depends on task difficulty. The goal is to get as may points as you can.

Tasks are located on special task server. Teams will receive requisites for that server 48 hours before the game. Requisites will be sent to the POC email supplied in registration form.

The game process will be available to observe via public monitor. The link to that monitor will be published on this site once game starts.

Teams are prohibited to generate large amount of traffic that poses a threat to network stability of organizers facilities or other teams, and otherwise attack organizers or other teams. Teams are prohibited to exploit any task server vulnerabilities.

Organizers do their best to provide quality and fun to all participants. Still organizers are to penalize/disqualify team for rules violation and to solve the critical situations not described in these rules. Teams should be prepared to meet such decisions with understanding.