RuCTF is an annual national Russian high-school challenge in information security, driven by classic CTF rules. You can read about CTF on Wikipedia, or you can save your time trusting us that hackers contests are fun and awesome.

RuCTF has been held for 5 years so far (yep, you can check it if you understand Russian: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008), and new participants are always welcome. As CTF contests gain popularity, since 2009 we had to hold online qualification contest as well. Probably at this point you are wondering why are you still here, it sure seems there's no way you can participate in national Russian high-school challenge.

And here comes the great news — we decided to let foreign teams into the qualification round of RuCTF 2013. Sadly your results won't be taken into account, but it is still a great opportunity for you to try your skills and keep your team in shape for upcoming international events. Also it is a rare chance to dive into exotic foreign CTF.

This year qualification round starts March 8 and rocks for 48 hours till March 10. The registration is open from February 21 to the start of the competition.

You can sign up to our Google Group, follow us on Twitter. We will honestly try to post couple of English messages there. We are, like, totally social, so we have VK group and Facebook account as well. And if you feel like going oldschool, you can join our official IRC-channel


Date Event
22 Feb 2013 00:00 YEKT RuCTF 2013 site launch. Registration is opened.
08 Mar 2013 20:00 YEKT Registration is closed, qualification round starts.
10.03.2013 20:00 YEKT End of qualification round.

All times are in YEKT. It is 2 hours ahead of MSK and 6 hours ahead of UTC. Just in case, check it over with YEKT clock.

Developers and Sponsors

RuCTF is organized in collaboration of Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of Ural Federal University, Regional science center "Intellectual systems and information security", interregional public organization "Association of information security services directors" and information-communication support fund.

RuCTF is developed by team HackerDom of Ural Federal University. We have put our best people into development of RuCTF 2013 and provided them with hot vacations and cozy development environment, pizza from BlackPizzaHut and coke from NukeCola.