RuCTFE 2012 is brought to you by these 13 handsome guys and 1 lovely girl.

photo of Sergey Azovskov

Sergey Azovskov aka last_g

game image administrator, network master, service developer

photo of Alexander Bersenev

Alexander Bersenev aka bay

service developer

bay is HackerDom's one and only swiss-knife. He is aware of literally every aspect of information security and therefore is constantly of a great help in any stir. Active HackerDom member since 2006. Received a master degree in CS in 2012. Currently is employed as cluster maintainer. Gives networking practices in UrFU as a part-time. It is rumored that he runs a botnet and owns a private jet.

photo of Egor Fedoseev

Egor Fedoseev aka domi

co-director, orgteam leader, devteam leader, service developer, site developer

domi's first and primary interest in computer security is Reverse Engineering, which he practices since 2004. Active HackerDom member since 2006. Received a master degree in CS in 2011. Currently is employed as leading C++ developer. Gives x86 assembly practice and Reverse Engineering course in UrFU as a part-time.


photo of Andrew Gein

Andrew Gein aka andgein

co-director, service developer

andgein is HakerDom member since 2008. He enjoys programming and algorithms in general. In the information security field he is most interested in web and steganography. He likes the new and unexplored. Tends to beautiful solutions and strives for perfection.


photo of Sergey Ionov

Sergey Ionov aka IoS

service developer

IoS is engaged in web development since 2004. Active member of the HackerDom development team since 2008. Graduated in 2010. Main job — Java / Python / Perl / JavaScript-developer.

photo of Andrey Khozov

Andrey Khozov aka and

service developer, site developer

and is one of the most productive HackerDom developers since 2008. Devoted Linux fan, he equally well handles Perl and Erlang, Objective C and JavaScript. Received a master degree in CS in 2011. Currently is employed as a developer in a software company. Conducts Perl and OS workshops in UrFU as a part-time. Noteworthy Andrey took part in the development of every RuCTFE so far.

photo of Rostislav Kirillov

Rostislav Kirillov aka rast

network master

Rast is 3rd year CS student in UrFU, interested in networks, communication protocols and robotics. Likes Python, Haskell and Assembly. Enjoys discovering odd things.

photo of Maria Kiskachi

Maria Kiskachi aka kima

orgteam member

Maria is the yougest member of RuCTFE 2012 team, but her task is immense and frightening — she is responsible for sponsors relations. She is 3rd year student in Computer Science. Active member of HackerDom since 2011.

photo of Sergey Krasnov

Sergey Krasnov aka cman

co-director, service developer

cman is 5th year student in Computer Security specialty. His main fields of interest in the information security are web and cryptography. Active HackerDom member since 2008. Currently is employed as information security specialist in a large software company. Noteworthy cman took part in the development of every RuCTFE so far.


photo of Andrey Malets

Andrey Malets aka uzer

network master

uzer takes part in RuCTF and RuCTFE development since RuCTF2008. Currently is employed as full-time developer at Yandex. Also works at Ural Federal University part-time, where he helps to build quality computer infrastructure and gives various courses on programming languages, networks and operating systems. Enjoys Linux, vim, C++, python and other amazing stuff.

photo of Konstantin Plotnikov

Konstantin Plotnikov aka kost

service developer

kost's main fields of interest in the information security are crypto, stegano and forensics. Active HackerDom member since 2006. Graduated with honours in 2010. Is employed as C# developer at SKB Kontur since 2009. Gives C# 4.0 course in UrFU Microsoft Innovation Center, earlier have conducted workshops for x86 assembly. Noteworthy kost took part in the development of every RuCTFE so far.

photo of Victor Samun

Victor Samun

service developer

Victor is Hackerdom development team member since 2008. Received a master degree in CS in 2012, currently goes to graduate school. Victor is interested in Model Checking and adjoined fields. Enjoys learning new programming languages. Gives Perl, OS and Network courses in UrFU.

photo of Dmitry Simonov

Dmitry Simonov aka DimmoBorgir

checksystem master

Dimmo is interested in networks, Linux, Reverse Engineering and programming. HackerDom member since 2006. Since 2009 Dimmo mainly focused on the development. Graduated in 2011. Currently is employed as system administrator. Despite his nickname, Dmitry is inhumanly calm, kind and reasonable, and that is a great contribution to otherwise unnerving process of making CTF.

photo of Nickolay Zhuravlev

Nickolay Zhuravlev aka znick

infrastructure master

znick's interests include: Python, Perl, Networks, Databases. HackerDom member since its very beginning in 2005. Recieved a master degree in CS in 2010. Currently is employed as C++ developer. Gives Perl, Python, Network basics and OS practice in UrFU as a part-time.