RuCTFE 2011 Scoring Rules

Scoring system

Categories of scoring:
  1. Attack

      • Team, submitting flag must have the corresponding service in UP state
      • First team to post +2, rest +1
  2. Defense

    • Confidentiality
      • Get list of not scored but too old (rotten) flags
      • Flag was not posted by another team -> +1

    • Integrity and Availability
      • check general functionality
      • put random flag f1
      • get the same flag f1
      • get some recent flag f2
      everything OK -> +1

  3. Advisories

    Advisory is a message on vulnerability in the game image. For complete advisory (vulnerability description, patch and exploit) one can get maximum of 10 points. If there is another scored advisory on the same vulnerability then the score for your advisory is difference between these two advisories (but not less that 0). For more details see advirories description.

Total team's score:

  1. Defense = Integrity and Availability + Confidentiality
  2. In all categories scores are percents from the leader's category points
  3. Scores from all categories are summed
  4. Total score is again a percent from the leader's total score