RuCTFE 2009


The challenge is over! The ultimate winner is squareroots from University of Mannheim, Germany!

See the final scoreboard for more details and videos for fun :)

Full game documentation is available online and as an archive. Caution! Documentation contains decriptions of vulnerabilities (spoilers)!

We are very grateful to UralWES and Clustertech for technical support.


HackerDom devteam is proud to announce a new international challenge in information security.

RuCTFE 2009 was held on the 7th of November. Challenge was remote. It lasted for 10 hours.

Take a look at the teams that took part in the challenge.

And please, check out the rules.

VulnBox Image

RuCTFE 2009 VulnImage (GPG key: djlrfgbdjbdbyjplhfdcndeqvfvfdjnbz).
We have tested it in VirtulBox 3.0.10.
Warning: we had some problems while running it in VirtialBox 3.0.8, so please use 3.0.10.


16-00, 5th NovemberTeams should have their VPNs running. Please, don't block pings!
If you experience difficulties with this deadline, please, contact znick.
16-00, 7th NovemberChallenge start: the key to the encrypted image is published in the IRC and mailing list.
17-30, 7th NovemberChecksystem start
02-00, 8th NovemberChallenge is over ^_^


RuCTFE 2009 Network
(click to zoom)

Network setup for RuCTFE 2009 — step-by-step instructions.

Testbox image (password: RuCTFE2009_TestImage) —
run it and set ip/mask/gateway (you will be asked about it during the first boot).