RuCTF2008 First open Russian CTF challenge in informaion security among universities (на русском)
Final results
We congratulate all participants of RuCTF2008! The challenge is over. The winner is "HackerDom" (USU), the runner up is "Smoked Chicken" (SUSU and ChSU), third place goes to "Reboot" (USATU). See scoreboard for more details.
Information letter
Ural State University holds first open Russian CTF challenge in informaion security among universities.
Organizers of the challenge:
      Ural State University,
      Координационный Совет Уральского федерального округа по подготовке и повышению
      квалификации кадров в области защиты информации,
      Ассоциация защиты информации (Moscow),
      Клуб профессионалов АСУ Урала (Yekaterinburg).
      НИП Информзащита (main sponsor),
      СКБ Контур,
      Компания АСК,
      Компания Aladdin,
      Компания 1С-Уральский центр,
      Компания АСП,
      ЗАО УралВЭС,
      Екатеринбургский муниципальный банк,
      Уральский Центр Систем Безопасности.
More support:
      Российский Союз ИТ-директоров.
Media support:
      Linux Format,
Challenge starts on the 26th april and ends on the 28th april 2008 in Ekaterinburg, Russia.
Infromation letter in .doc (ru).
RuCTF is a team challenge in information security, its main aim is to evaluate capabilities of participants to protect computer systems and to carry out security audit. Challenge rules are based on international CTF rules.
Capture the Flag is a game in which several teams compete with each other. Each team gets a server from jury with preinstalled vulnerable services. Servers are identical at the start of the game. Teams' tasks are to maintain services up and running, prevent intrusion attempts, carry out audits of other teams' servers. It is necessary for teams to find and patch vulnerabilities on their servers. At the same time, knowing some vulnerabilities, it is possible to do the audits of other teams. For maintaining services up and for submitting flags, found on other servers, team earns points.
During the game jury checks the functionality of services of each team, puts new flags and checks for previously put ones, tracks captured flags.
Points are given for:
For more details see rules of RuCTF2008.
The main aim of RuCTF is communication and exchange of knowledge!
25.04Checking in
17.00 – 20.00ABC (EACP/Coding battle). More information at (USU, Turgeneva 4, #151) (Optional)
26.0410.00 – 14.00Official opening. Conference (USU, Lenina 51, conference hall)
14.00 – 15.00Lunch time
15.00 – 17.00Methodical seminar on CTF (USU, Turgeneva 4, #151)
17.00 – 18.30Informal communication
27.0408.00 – 12.00Teams get ready (USU, Turgeneva 4)
12.00 – 20.00Challenge itself (USU, Turgeneva 4)
28.0410.00 – 14.00Game analysis, announcement of final results, awarding the best, informal communication (USU, Lenina 51, assembly hall)
29.04Checking out
Methodical seminar on CTF
Methodical seminar is for those who want to get more acquainted with CTF challenges, `security team' building, methods of training, game strategies, etc. A small demo game will be organized there.
Konstantin Plotnikov, Dmitri KornevBreaking da C.A.P.T.C.H.A.
Dmitry SimonovVPN MITM
Nikolai Juravlev, Ilya Zelenchuk, Dmitry SimonovSNMP security research
Olga SolomonovaWardriving Wi-Fi
Marina Ilyenko, Valentina KondrtyevaSecutiry of Apache web server
Pavel Kruchinin, Evgeny Popov, Pavel UvarovAnalysis of optimality of distribution of traffic in heterogeneous lans.
Participating teams should be assiciated with some university. It is possible for one university to have several teams. Team may represent several universities. Only teams of up to 7 members may sign up.
Registration is over.
List of registered teams
Guest participation
If you don't have a team, take part in RuCTF2008 as a guest.
You will be provided with a computer and access into game network with right to do everything that is not prohibited by the rules. Unfortunately, you cannot win any prizes. You will be able to make up a team with other guests. Game developers will consult you if necessary.
Independent Spectators
As an independent spectator you will be able to observe the work of jury team.
Official site of RuCTF2008
E-mail list of participants
Jury team
E-mail jury [at] if you have any questions.
For organisation details contact:
Useful links
Site of Ural State University
Site of security team "HackerDom", that holds the challenge
wikipedia: “Capture The Flag”
DefCon CTF
UCSB International Capture The Flag
Challenges in Informatics: Programming, Hosting and Exploring (C.I.P.H.E.R.)
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